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Welcome to Four Moon Productions, a one-stop solution for corporate event production. We offer a complete suite of services, but most importantly, the best customer service in the industry.

From audio-visual services and production to event streaming, video production and everything in between; we have you covered. We service events of all shapes and sizes, all over the world.

Why Four Moon? Each moon represents a core value:

1. Integrity
2. Service
3. Innovation
4. Dedication

These values are the cornerstones upon which Four Moon was built. We invite you to experience the Four Moon difference!

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    Four Moon Productions specializes in audio visual services and production. For conferences spanning the globe, no matter the size, Four Moon Productions is your one stop shop. We have state of the art equipment. We have cutting edge solutions and services. However, the secret to our success has always been, and will always be, our people. Our culture is built on a foundation of “can do” attitudes and a passion for customer service and satisfaction.

  • Video Shooting & Editing

    Four Moon Productions offers top notch video shooting and editing services. Commercials, interviews, opening and closing keynote videos, voice over talent, and keynote recording and editing are just a few examples of our expertise. Our team of professionals are not there to simply push buttons, they offer creative ideas to take your project to the next level. Examples of our work are available upon request.

  • Live Streaming

    Live web streaming is quickly becoming a standard of event production. Our service features live video of the speaker, next to live footage of their PowerPoint presentation. Companies are taking advantage of sharing their conferences online live, and also for viewing at a later date. A common concern is that onsite attendance will decrease, but in reality, it is quite the opposite. Online attendees typically become onsite attendees the following year, boosting attendance. Streaming is also a great way to capture revenue for months after the event has ended. Ask how Four Moon Productions can design the perfect online streaming solution for your program.


    Allow Four Moon Productions to design your PowerPoint template. FMP can also proof all of the presentations submitted by your presenters to make sure the presentations are compatible with the custom template, but more importantly, easily viewable from an audience standpoint. We also provide onsite solutions such as speaker ready rooms for those all to common “last second” presentations.


    Four Moon Productions offers cutting edge polling services. Include and engage your audience by letting them give input, in real time, with live results. Looking for feedback for this year’s conference? You likely won’t get most of your attendees to fill out forms. Get an average of 75% of your attendees’ feedback by asking for feedback during the conference. All content is recorded for easy review. Now that’s how you get results!


    Four Moon Productions offers professional scenic rendering services so you can take the guess work out of knowing what your program’s set will look like. The rendering process is important to both FMP and the client, as this is the time to tweak and change the set look to get exactly what you are looking for. The accuracy of the drawing compared to the live product is impressive, and our clients love to know they played a hand in the design.

    Your international attendees will appreciate an accurate interpretation of your program’s content. Four Moon Productions can provide interpreters for over 80 languages and the equipment to make sure your attendees are getting the message.

    Four Moon Productions offers labor resources around the globe. We take pride in our people, whether local or the traveling variety. It is our promise that our people will make FMP your first choice, every time. It is what sets us apart.

    Four Moon Productions offers a unique suite of sponsorship packages for our clients to take advantage of. Why not produce more revenue for you event by utilizing our services. You sell the package, and we do the rest. Easy revenue is the best kind.

    This keynote speaker you hired is on fire and people are tweeting left and right. We can display tweets on screens, and during a live stream, with a click of a button. Show your onsite and online audience what the buzz is all about!

What Clients Say About FMP:

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Working with JT was an absolute dream. During our event, JT and his team were everywhere I looked and everywhere I needed them – within seconds. If I have it my way, I will work with Four Moon Productions on all of my events in the future.

- Amy Borsetti, LinkedIn Corporation      
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I have been in the meetings business for almost two decades and collaborated with dozens of A/V companies….Four Moon is among the top professionals in the business. A successful event is more than having the right hardware. It's about having the right people to back it up.

-Daniella Seghieri, Director, Conference and Events GWC      
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Four Moon Productions elevates our brand through world-class productions. They not only provide Great Place to Work high-quality Audio/Visual services but also the professionalism, expertise and value we have come to depend on for over 10 years of working with JT Naughton. We consider FMP an extension of our team.

- Brook Dayton, Program Director, Great Place to Work      
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Four Moon is not just and A/V vendor, rather an integral part of our team. Their integrity and customer service sets them apart and we love working with them.

- Will Hansen, Vice President- Events, Inman News